Leslie Jones bans Trump from her standup special

Leslie Jones bans Trump from her standup special

“DC go buy tickets, I need people to be there and fill in the audience and laugh,” Jones said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“Will you invite the President and his family to the show?” Kimmel asked.

Jones said she’d never extend an invitation to the Trumps, and as a matter of fact she’s erasing his name from her mind.

“Hell no and I hope you show up so I can talk bad about your ass,” she said, adding, “Ooohh, don’t you show up you are banned. You are banned period. You are banned from my life.”

She told Kimmel, actually, she doesn’t even know who Trump is.

And while fans know her from her hysterical “Saturday Night Live” sketches and “Weekend Update” appearances, Jones said she’s a standup at heart.

“I’m actually a standup hardcore. Hardcore. That’s what pays the bills,” she said, adding that as soon as she touched a microphone on stage at 19 she knew she’d be performing comedy for the rest of her life.

Her standup show will be filmed in front of a live audience twice September 10.


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